The Misadventures of a Very Sad Person

by Eliot Sernau

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released September 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Eliot Sernau New York

- i write songs to connect with people

- i'm just being honest

- most things bore me

- don't ever let anybody tell you who you aren't

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Track Name: Counting Cars
when it's late at night
i count the cars that pass
i can see their headlights
dance across the cieling
the wind hits the window
and whistles to me softly
a sweet lullaby that tries
but cannot put me to sleep

i can't help but think
about the pressing questions
they are a consequence of being alone
so as the moon shines above
i'll wrap my head in my sheets
and i will count the hours
until i get to see your face
oh god how i'd like to see your face right now

i just need someone to distract me from the extremes
i just need someone to hold me when the night comes
i just need someone to whisper to me softly
and tell me everything will be all right
but oh no
Track Name: A Song About Leaving
i can't stay even though i'd like to
sweet parasite i will always love you
i always did if only you could see it
i can't stay even though i'd like to
adventures at night and the bottles we broke
they kept me alive but now i have to leave

I can't stay even though I'd like to
the whistle blows i can hear its echo
i turn away but its too late

im no good at goodbyes

if i could stay for even one more moment
i'd hold you close whatever you are
cause life's too short, life's too short
Track Name: Note to Self
don't trust others with open wounds
they're out for blood
don't trust others with open arms
they'll only retreat when they see who you are
and don't trust anyone who makes you happy
it'll only hurt you more when they leave

oh how some things never change
even with age they hurt the same
if you're not careful
please be careful

don't trust yourself when you're
alone in you're parents attic
just another addict to emotion
you'd hoped you wouldn't become
don't trust yourself
when you see blood on your hands
it's not someone else's
don't be scared

for someone else it's you who's hurt
you're just hurt but things will get better
they've gone now
you're safe now
Track Name: Kiss Your Head
it's hard to have a good time lying alone in bed
and staring at the ceiling fan
but when i looked down at your face
and saw that you fell asleep
i couldn't help but smile and kiss your head

now i pretend not to notice when
my hands start shaking again
when i remember that you didn't care like i cared
and i guess that's not your fault

if i could travel through time
apart from killing hitler
i'd go back two weeks
and hold you in my arms again
and kiss your head again
Track Name: A Prayer for the Hopeless
I pray for the day that I wake up when the sun comes up
and everything's so beautiful
that i'm no longer scared as hell

I pray for the day that I care about productivity
and i'll stop smoking weed daily
and i'll actually be myself for once

I pray for the day that I understand relationships
and i will learn to love again
and I'll know i'll be loved again

I think that for today i will wake up when the light is gone
and i will not get anything done
and i wont connect to anyone

i pray for the day that i wake up
Track Name: Adventures I'll Never Have Again
I remember when you set that tree on fire
and we laughed as we put it out with our jackets
I still think about the time we drank those 40's on the bridge
and i started crying for no reason

i remember when i yelled at you while i was quitting cigs
and you gave me your vape for the day
i still think about the night we got too high and biked to amore
cause we forgot that they delivered

I remember when you got out of my car for the last time
and you told me you'd see me soon
and I remember when I sat outside my dorm on the fifth night of school
and i cried over a bong and a cellphone