The Uncertainty Principle

by Eliot Sernau

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recorded mostly in my basement written entirely while drunk


released September 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Eliot Sernau New York

- i write songs to connect with people

- i'm just being honest

- most things bore me

- don't ever let anybody tell you who you aren't

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Track Name: Flicker
we wish we could forget that life's a flicker
from a lonely little lighter
that's struggling to start

we wish we could forget that we'll be gone soon
that our footsteps' echo will grow softer
we don't want to drown in the dark

voices of the dead
can be heard in the attic of the church
most gather 'round
to observe

but we don't hear them
we don't hear them
we don't hear the voices at all
Track Name: Dispassionate
any emotion you express
feels like no more than
a sympathetic gesture made
from behind this barricade
you've built from vacant smiles

and if you really did care
i would never test the waters
and show you what i'm hiding
under my sleeve

so i wouldn't know if you would stay

please stay
please stay
don't go
while i'm afraid
Track Name: Notes
when she was a little girl
she used to walk as far as her legs could carry her
and her mother she used to drink
she used to hit her although she loved her

and when she grew
a little older
she started to smoke
she started to carve notes
into her flesh

when she went back to school
her friends were gone their plastic arms abandoned her
she had nothing left to hold
she had nothing left

but then she met
a little boy
who used to smoke
who used to carve notes
into his flesh

but when they met that little boy
he made a promise that he would stop
so that he could be the loving crutch
she never had
Track Name: Where the Lightning Never Strikes
just because i'm in a room with you
doesn't mean i'm really there
i could be in a place i made inside my head
back when i was four years old

and i got afraid
when lightning struck
and the weight of the blankets wasn't enough
to keep me calm

i built a castle in my head to keep me safe
from the monsters outside
i see them roaming from my window late at night
and when i do they always smile

so on some days i will leave
and i will see
that it was you who was smiling back at me
and its unfair that while you're kind
i'll forget and i'll get scared
and retreat into these walls

where the lightning never strikes
Track Name: Superheroes Wearing Wheels Club
they told his mother he would never play ball
that by age sixteen he wouldn't be able to walk
and she cried in her bedroom

the other children they called him names
they pulled his hair and some struck his face
he was just a little different

when they found the school with the fewest stairs
they slipped him into a classroom where
he was locked away from others

and when he finally moved to the middle school
he needed an aide to carry his books
you could tell he didn't want it

as the children grew they lost their hate
but they started to judge and they started to stare
they forgot he was a human

oh the thousand eyes that he couldn't escape
all he wanted was for them to look away
but they never really could

oh the hours lost when he couldn't sleep
when he sat up straight and he screamed sometimes
all he wanted were some answers

junior year at the synagogue
he shared this story and watched in awe
as the other children cried

oh the home he found inside those walls
and the strength he gained he learned to talk
he would walk for three more years

oh the years endured when their gazes were harsh
how he ever came out as such an honest man
i may never really know